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The US Army spends almost $300 million per year on ROTC scholarships, but only 52% of those students graduate and commission within a five year period. Certainly not a satisfying percentage.

Eight years ago, Sean Lanier, an Army veteran, recognized this problem and started doing something about it. Focusing on under-represented youths, Sean began attacking the problem seeking to identify, screen and vet candidates and help them find a better college fit.


This is how:

01 College Preparation

Connecting students and colleges is a critical step in the decision process, not only for your education but for your health and happiness.  We take you by the hand to identify the best fit, not just who is cheapest or who offers the most money, but for the best match!

02 Student Mentoring

The cornerstone of our mentoring program is to help reinforce and guide proper and well throughout decisions throughout your training and education.  Our mentors have the wisdom of experience to help you identify and find opportunities that will shape your future.

03 Bridge Programs

Our range of summer programs will give you improved academic confidence, campus familiarization, and a chance to network with peers, faculty, and alumni.  The results will be an improved retention and graduation commissioning rates that will inevitably have a massive impact on your future employability and scholarship progression.

04 Internships & Careers

A world with so much opportunity also brings confusion.  We take that confusion and pivot to focus on leadership training and experienced workforce, giving a range of new opportunities that can deliver a level of potential far higher than the average.

Throughout college, there will be opportunities for you to join groups (NSBE, AABE, NDPA, BEYA, NOBCChE, SWE, SHPE, etc).  This will provide professional networking and additional mentoring opportunities in your respective fields of study. These networks increase the chance of you earning internship and post-graduate employment opportunities.

Our solutions




Wesley Barbara – High Flight” by John Gillespie Magee Jr

Congratulations to the Virginia Military Institute’s Newest Army ROTC Scholarship 4-year awardee, Wesley Barbara!

Evelyn Ayers – Rise above your excuses

Congratulations to Georgia Tech’s Newest Army ROTC Scholarship 4-year awardee, Evelyn Ayers!

Candyce Croom – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13

Congratulations to NSU’s Newest Army ROTC Scholarship 3-year awardee, Candyce Croom

Grace Farrell – You will never be fully prepared for anything, so just go for it

Congratulations to Morgan State University’s Newest Army ROTC Scholarship 3-year awardee, Grace Farrell!

Tania Dixon – Treat every day like it’s your last, don’t linger on the past

Congratulations to the Tuskegee University’s Newest Army ROTC Scholarship 3-year awardee, Tania Dixon!

Michael Parnell, Jr – One day, you may reach your goal

Congratulations to the Virginia Military Institute’s Newest Army ROTC Scholarship 4-year awardee, Michael Parnell, Jr!

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