Congratulations to the Virginia Military Institute’s Newest Army ROTC Scholarship 4-year awardee, Wesley Barbara!

May 10, 2019 by E.Sean Lanier

GPA: 3.5
Hometown:Richmond, VA
Major: International Studies
Classification: Rising Freshman
Career Goal: To work in my chosen field of aviation while inspiring others that it’s possible to achieve their dreams.
Motto: “High Flight” ~ John Gillespie Magee Jr.

Hello, my name is Wesley Barbara. I’m currently a graduating senior attending Mills E. Godwin High School in Richmond, Virginia. Readying myself for adulthood is something of importance that I’ve considered carefully throughout my youth. Since the age of 5, I’ve known explicitly that I would like to become a pilot for both the military, and the commercial airline industry. Beyond high school I will be attending the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) where I will major in International Studies and a foreign language to be determined. I have had the opportunity to gain experience in the sky, flying with a close friend who is a flight instructor, as well as being a part of a strong friend group consisting of commercial pilots my age. The strong, rigorous curriculum offered by VMI will be a contributing factorin my journey to becoming a leader. The core values of teamwork and a drive to continually get people out of their comfort zone at the institute has inspired me. After college, I plan on receiving a pilot slot to commission into the United States Air Force. After the ten-year commitment, I will enter the reserves while applying for jobs at various airlines within the United States to pursue my passion.I plan on giving back to my community in order to help inspire the next generation of aviators while guiding them on a path to success.

At my high school, I’m a student athlete who runs track and cross country. I’m a part of the Godwin Aeronautics and Space Association, a club focused on aerospace technology. Regarding languages, I’ve been a part of the French club (AP French student) and German club. In the community I’ve been involved with various community service projects and have a little over 150 hours of volunteer work. Each day, I’m reminded of how fortunate I am to have grown up and been able to do everything that I do. Having family that live in areas that are rather poor including the Caribbean and elsewhere, I’m grateful for each opportunity given to me, and look forward to the day I may give back to those less fortunate.Thank you.