Congratulations to the Virginia Military Institute’s Newest Army ROTC Scholarship 4-year awardee, Michael Parnell, Jr!

May 1, 2019 by E.Sean Lanier

GPA: 3.8
Hometown: South Riding, VA
Major: International Studies
Classification: High School Senior
Career goal: To establish myself as a leader in the military
Motto: “One day, you may reach your goal.” 

Congratulations to Michael Loren Parnell Jr., a senior at Freedom High School. We congratulate him for being awarded a 4-year ROTC scholarship to study at the Virginia Military Institute. Michael will enter VMI this fall.

Read more about Michael below, in his own words.
Service and leading is the biggest accomplishment that comes through being a ROTC cadet. I want to be a part of a team that is dedicated to serving and protecting our country. The Navy ROTC program will teach the values of duty, loyalty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage while completing my education.

I hope to accomplish my goal of becoming an officer. The leadership education that ROTC will provide, is one of stellar quality and also provides high quality leadership training that will be necessary to not only lead service members or civilians in public life in the military. I see myself serving a full career in the military as an intelligence officer. Afterwards, I envision myself using those skills and experience as a government civilian in a place such as the National Security Agency. 

Since the beginning of my high school journey, I have had a strong desire serve as an officer. I understand the requirements for receiving a commission and while it is possible to just enlist into the military, the ROTC program’s leadership education is infinitely more immersive. I am seeking a ROTC education because it’s my strong belief that its graduates are immediately ready to lead the sailors and marines under their command.