"Success comes when you surrender to that dream – and let it lead you to the next form of service, and you will do more than succeed. You will triumph. "
Oprah Winfrey

Where do you want to donate?

If you would like to contribute to our mission, we have several options you can consider. When donating, please note which initiative you want the funds to be directed toward. All funds will be ear-marked for whichever initiative selected. If there is no note indicating any specific initiative, all the funds from that donation will be applied to our general operating expenses.

ways you can donate:

Resolve Solutions operations

If you want to give support to our entire program, without specifically earmarking a particular initiative, you can make a general donation to our Resolve Solutions Operations department. These funds will help off-set all of the expenses associated with executing our mission.

Summer Bridge Objective

Our objective for Summer 2020 is to have 30 incoming freshmen college students participate in summer school / summer bridge programs. Programs are designed to provide incoming freshman academic confidence, acclimation to the campus and an opportunity to enhance physical fitness preparation.

Language Immersion Objective

Our objective for Summer 2021 is to have 30 rising sophomore/junior college students participate in an 8-week summer accelerated Chinese language program in Shanghai, China. Students are also considering opportunities in Japan, Jordan and Cuba.

RESOLVE SOLUTIONS Software Objective

Our objective by Fall 2019 is to develop a customized Mentee Tracking Application utilizing a growth platform that will securely and reliably track students throughout career progression pairing them with mentors and measuring their engagements. Currently we’re tracking 500 high school aged students annually analog but would like to increase to 1500+ annually digitally, 10,000+ total from high school through college (including grad school). We prefer to develop our own custom software application, within a 6-month timeframe to roll out a finished product which would limit the need to hire administrative personnel reducing long-term costs.

You can also give via alternative donation platforms.

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