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2021 Summer Bridging Scholarship Campaign

Our Campaign Goal is to Raise $110k
In the summer of 2021, between the months of June and August, we want to send up to 50 students to summer school. Prioritized by need, and out-of-state

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About our Campaign

The RSI program begins at the middle school level with the National Leader Program CHiSL (Character, Health & Fitness, Service, Leadership) and Guaranteed 4.0 programs. In high school, the groundwork is laid towards successful application to an ROTC program, particularly in the form of test preparation. The hallmark of the program, however, is the support it provides for its college students. After graduating from high school, the student enrolls in a summer bridge program. During the school year throughout college, the student is supported by the Military Mentors program, The ROCKS Inc, NNOA and AFCOMA. The summer after their freshman year, the students enroll in summer school and have the option of attending a language immersion program. Prior to their junior and senior years, the students will enroll in an internship program to complement their college major. Finally, prior to senior year, each student will participate in ROTC training.

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Students will:

  1. Take 3-6 credit hours
  2. Take part physical fitness preparation (to include water confidence)
  3. Taught on nutrition awareness

Benefits of program:

  1. Academic confidence – 82% retention rate of students who attend summer school prior
  2. Campus Familiarization
  3. Building of bonds with peers
  4. Building of bonds with faculty
  5. Building of bonds with alumni
  6. Improved physical fitness & nutritional awareness
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